Delicious baked macaroni

Recette Emmentaler Aoc Suisse

For a little comforting, nothing like a deep dish of baked macaronis with Swiss Emmentaler AOC, twisted with arugula and grilled nut juices. Italian Mammas just better behave.

Cook the macaroni in a big quantity of salted water.

For the stuffing:

- Finely mix the nuts and the arugula. Incorporate the fresh cream and mix.

- Add 50 g of finely grated Swiss Emmentaler AOC. Mix all together until you have homogenous stuffing.

Stuff the macaroni and set aside.

Prepare the reduced chicken broth with 50 g of butter.

Grate the remaining Swiss Emmentaler AOC on the macaroni, broil in the oven at 200°C during 3 minutes.

Serve immediately with a little chicken juice.


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Ingredients :

For 4 persons

• 24 Macaroni

• 200 g of arugula salad

• 100 g of nuts

• 10 cl of chicken stock

• 100 g of Swiss Emmentaler AOC

• 50 g or fresh cream


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