Too good: a seasonal pie with pumpkin

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A good shepherd's pie is too good. Simmered with pumpkin, he became the comfort food dish and season family that has everything good this fall.

Preparation of shepherd's pie with pumpkin

Cook the meat in a pan over high heat without fat until it is no longer rare. The meat should be chopped into small pieces. Otherwise, overwrite it.

Wash, peel and cut into cubes the / pomme.s of the earth and the pumpkin. Weigh 100 g of potato and 50 g of pumpkin.

Cook the potato and pumpkin cubes so that they can be mashed into a puree (steaming, microwave cooking, etc.).

At the end of cooking, keep the cooking juices well . It will allow you to adjust the texture of the mash.

Mix or finely crush the potato and pumpkin cubes with the pinch of nutmeg (if you have chosen this option). You should get a smooth, homogeneous and moderately dense mash. If the texture seems dense, add cooking liquid and mix / mash again.

Fill the terrine up to 2 cm from the rim, starting with a 1cm layer of ground beef then covering with the mash. Close and proceed immediately to the heat treatment 45 minutes at 100 ° C.

When ready to serve, cover with the Comté and heat through. Be careful not to brown the cheese , it should just melt.

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