Hôtel de la Marine: a mini-Versailles in Paris

The Hôtel de la Marine Place de la Concorde in Paris

Book your tickets: this is the most anticipated event of this Parisian summer season. After 4 years of work under the direction of the Center for National Monuments, the former Ministry of the Navy recovers its original vocation: the Crown furniture storage during the Enlightenment.

It all started in 1748. Place Louis XV was built like an extraordinary palace. It will become the king's furniture repository and one of the first Parisian museums. But after the French Revolution, this emblematic building of the Ancien Régime closed its doors to the public for two centuries where the Crown's jewels were stolen before the installation of the Navy staff ...

The new life of this extraordinary building allows it to once again establish itself as a hotbed of Parisian chic and French know-how… Guided tour!

A Mecca of Parisian chic and French know-how ...

The glass roof signed by star architect Hugh Dutton

The new spirit of the place? Restore the 18th century atmosphere in a resolutely contemporary and lively place and make it a new lung of the city's lifestyle: at the same time cultural, literary, fashion, gastronomic.

This is evidenced by the extraordinary restoration of this place by the new generation of craftsmen and companions who have reproduced identically wallpapers, velvet, parquet floors, curtain pompoms to immerse yourself in the vibes of La Pompadour , Marie-Antoinette and the courtyard.

The only new contemporary contribution to the place: an extraordinary glass roof signed by the star architect Hugh Dutton which covers his first patio, inspired by the chandeliers of Versailles, to enhance the proportions and illuminate the courtyard while protecting the public from the rain and the cold without never betray the 18th atmosphere.

A mini-Versailles place de la Concorde

Chandeliers of Versailles at the Musée de la Marine

The peculiarity of the place is to find the apartments “ as is ” in which the successive stewards of the Crown furniture repository lived.

A true incubator of life in Versailles , the stewards not only listed all the furniture there but personally tested the latest fashions and trends of the time: the office of a famous cabinetmaker under Louis XV , the first bathroom with a balloon. hot water hidden in the ceiling ...

the dining room reconstituted as a scene of everyday life with wines and oyster plates and other favorite dishes of the 18th century

The very lively visit (45 minutes for the salons, 1h30 for the grand tour) of its apartments plunges like in a series into the very realistic universe and “ Versailles ” through stories told by actors, the staging passing by the rascal cabinets of the libertine steward Pierre-Elisabeth de Fontanieu , his offices and bedrooms ...

Highlight of the show, the dining room reconstituted as a scene of everyday life with wines and oyster plates and other favorite dishes of the time. Highly Instagrammable: you almost believe it.

To go further: an extraordinary document on Arte devoted to the restoration of this jewel ...

An extraordinary place to live in Paris

The Lapérouse café at the Hôtel de la Marine

Much more than a simple museum, this extraordinary building reconnects with the DNA of what Place de la Concorde was: a place to live, a walk, a social gathering and very popular with Parisians.

If you can come and visit the museum from the street, Parisians will be able to sneak through an almost secret passage into the hotel to afford a break ... Because this small discreet entrance next to the Hotel du Crillon, located on the Concorde , allows you to enter (without paying or waiting in line) to the extraordinary patio of the Hôtel de la Marine .

The purpose of the walk ? Come and sit on the terrace of Café Lapérouse (king's lemonade since 1766!) For a breakfast, a drink or an aperitif with your friends or kids away from the urban frenzy. Or why not stroll through the heart of its stylish bookstore-boutique which is seen as the meeting point to find a gift or a fashion curiosity.

In other words: the spirit of a great concept where you can also afford a book, the embroidered brooches by Macon & Lesquoy that all fashionistas are snapping up, not to mention the pretty curiosities by Fragonard or even the sublime stationery.

A coworking and Jean-François Trap in the kitchen!

The Mimosa restaurant at the Hôtel de la Marine in Paris

Morning Concorde will undoubtedly be the most chic coworking space in Paris. Installed in the former offices of the Navy administration, this 6,000 m² space opens its doors to 50 startups and entrepreneurs to put their computer in open space - or their team in a private office - in a wow decor and infrastructure very avant-garde high-tech (from 900 € / month).

We are impatiently awaiting its opening! Mimosa , the grandiose brasserie run by Jean-François Trap with MOMA Group , which has no equal in reconciling contemporary glamor with the charms of vintage. Between the sumptuous 18th century decor in the hands of the architect Dorothée Delahaye, the immense terrace nestled away from cars in front of the carpet of light of Swarovski crystals which will offer a real show every evening and the devastating cuisine of the favorite chef of Parisians. ne · s… In short: the most anticipated table of the September start!

Hôtel de la Marine 2 place de la Concorde, Paris 8th. Open every day. All the information on hotel-de-la-marine.paris .

Also discover The new brunchs to be tested this fall and Mimosa, the mediteranean restaurant by Jean-François Piège at the hotel de la Marine in Paris.

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Where to find it?

Hôtel de la Marine

2 place de la Concorde

75001 paris

01 87 05 30 30


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