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On the beach, on the train, in the car or on the plane, take advantage of your free time to listen to these podcasts without moderation. Good listening.

Nath & Vero

For who ? Those who finally want to understand men.

Are guys still a mystery to you? Search their minds! In each episode, Nath and Vero, two thirtysomething girlfriends tend the microphone to a man time to a discussion without filter on issues related to male / female relationships: dredge, dating applications, first date, sex, breaking .. With more than 50 episodes on the clock, the male psyche will no longer hold any secrets for you. Think about it before you wait for the guy you met on vacation to call you back.

Nath & Vero, to listen to on Apple Podcasts .

Kiss, see you tomorrow

For who ? Fans of psychological thrillers who like to scare themselves.

I know what you did… I was there, I saw it all ”. Created by Belgian director Mehdi Mayad, this breathtaking fiction, which follows in the footsteps of Souviens-toi last summer , will make you shiver. The pitch? A stranger suspects a young woman of having committed a crime and harasses her on the phone every day. His threatening appeals are the subject of 17 deliciously creepy mini-episodes!

Kiss, see you tomorrow, to listen to on Slate Audio .

2 Hours Lost

For who ? Sunday moviegoers.

As its name does not indicate, 2 hours or Lost 2hdp for short is a podcast dedicated to the 7th art. Every Wednesday, the band of chroniclers dissects (and sometimes dezingue) a film in a joyfully free and uninhibited tone for one to two hours. From the masterpiece to the ultimate turnip, the work is summarized, analyzed and criticized with humor and lightness. And the temporary closure of dark rooms has not stopped them. Twilight , Fight Club , Mrs Doubtfire , La Vie est Belle … good catch-up sessions in prospect.

2 Heures De Perdues, to listen to on Apple Podcasts .


For who ? Fans of Bridget Jones , Girls and Friends .

We don't stop him anymore! Since she exceeded one million listeners with her podcast L'Arnaque (the million, the million, the million), Pénélope Bœuf has multiplied audio creations. In 123FICTION , this Father Beaver in stilettos tells funny, light and quirky stories to peck like news between two dives in the sea. Don't miss Siri & Cleo , a funny conversation between a 9 year old little girl and Siri: “ Hey Siri, do you have a girlfriend ”... And if you haven't booked your vacation yet, listen to La Plantade de été , your destination may not be what you think it is.

123FICTION, to listen to on The Web on Listening and Apple Podcasts .

Who gave me chlamydia?

For who ? No, chlamydia is not a seasonal flower.

La chla-what? Chlamydia is the bacteria responsible for the most common sexually transmitted infection ( STI) in Europe. In 2017, after receiving an SMS from a former partner informing him that he was infected, journalist Anouk Perry was tested positive in turn. If taking antibiotics is enough to cure the infection, the young woman is investigating to find out the identity of the person who transmitted the bacteria to her. Because that evening, her partner and she were not alone! An incredible investigation in 5 episodes intelligently punctuated by the medical teachings of an obstetrician gynecologist .

Who gave me chlamydia ?, listen on Nouvelles Listen and Apple Podcasts .

Ciao Paris

For who ? Those who want to leave Paname

54% of the inhabitants of Greater Paris plan to go and live elsewhere. Are you one of them? Valérie Bauhain too. The journalist sets out to meet those who have taken the plunge. What made them decide? How did they choose their new place to live? Was this the right choice? The ex-Parisians testify and give their advice to leave without looking back. Who's next ?

Ciao Paris to listen to on Apple Podcasts .

Women Empowerment School

For who ? Those who want (finally) to give themselves the means to achieve their dreams. Who run the world? Girls!

Marianna Szeib is well aware of the doubts and difficulties that women may encounter in their journey. In addition to her activity as a certified personal development coach, she is also the co-founder of the online concept store Face to Face . Throughout the episodes of Women Empowerment School , she provides the keys to (re) gain self-confidence, flourish and achieve your goals. 3, 2, 1, go for it!

Women Empowerment School to listen on Ausha .

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