We went to see Valérie Lemercier at Châtelet for you!

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It’s now or never the time to buy your tickets.

Our national Valérie will be going on stage at the Châtelet with her divinely trash one-woman-show … And always a barrel of laughs.

So here we go again with her perfectly imitated bourgeois socialite accent and her inimitable “meeeeerde”... But not only that !

In the spotlight: Mlle Lemercier (51-years -old), who slips on the basket ball shoes of a suburban guy whose friends “all work for Uber”. Who reappears as a detox guru, with “gluten as public enemy n°1” or a teenager who is hooked on selfies.

We adore: seeing here in the role of a PR who coaches and dresses a young singer 7 days before the NRJ Music Awards.

Jean d’Ormesson, come out of that body! Imagine Lemercier in a mythical imitation of the writer in flirtatious mood…

Tops: rediscovering Le Châtelet, a furiously Parisian one-woman-show and avery beautiful theater… And we feel like saying: that’s Paris!

Seats starting at 15€. Duration 1h40. Show lasts until the 8th of November.

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Where to find it?

Théâtre du Châtelet

2 rue Edouard Colonne

75001 Paris

01 40 28 28 28


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Chatelet Chatelet

Hotel De Ville Hotel De Ville

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