Orahe, the fail-proof method for a fab body

Estelle Lefébure founder of Orahe in her balancing session

So what is Orahe? A Maori neologism, and mostly a super lifestyle method set up and followed by Estelle Lefébure.

Fed up with boring diet books that constantly make us feel guilty when we sidestep? Orahe does not preach slimness, bur rather well-being. And this is what makes it different.

Beautiful Estelle shares with us her tips and tricks for improved daily living: lots of water, sleeping, walking…

Being so serious could be annoying. Does the top model never stray from her goal? Take 9000 steps per day, eat natural unprocessed foods, go to bed at 10pm… Not much fun all that… Yet she affirms that she never deprives herself, and just listens to her body thanks to the advice of many specialists encountered during her quest for harmony.

Estelle Lefébure surfs, or rather paddles, on the gluten-free trend.

Why buy it? For her practical advice and her detox gourmet recipe notebook that inspires even gals who are not on a diet: no gluten burger with chia, pilaf of pistachio, cauliflower, tacos of fish and grenade… Porridge, granola, smoothie will no longer hold back any secrets from you.

We adore: the DIY style of her homemade beauty recipes (grapefruit bath, coconut and almond oil body scrub, anti-wrinkle lotion with parsley…).

The key words: har-mo-ny, energy, quiet, balance.

La méthode Orahe by Estelle Lefébure (Flammarion, 18€)


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