Tonnato tomatoes from Jean-François Trap

Tomates Tonnatos

This is the star dish of the summer that all foodies order on board the most popular bistro in Provence: Clover Gordes .

When Pagnol's madeleines meet the best of Italy, we applaud. Especially when it is Jean-François Trap who is at the origin! A pure marvel that combines the exquisite sauce of vitello tonnato with a tomato salad from the South of France. Yum !


Step 1. Prepare the Tonnato sauce

Mix in the Thermomix : mustard , egg yolks and cream . Add cream , capers , tuna (without oil) and anchovies . Mix again.

Beat the sauce with a whisk with the tuna oil and grapeseed oil and olive oil. Season with red wine vinegar and lemon juice. Relax with sparkling water if needed. DO NOT ADD SALT. Keep refridgerated.

Step 2. Prepare the tomatoes

Peel and peel all the tomatoes . Cut the large tomatoes into pieces of different sizes and different shapes (cube, quarters, length, ...). Season the different tomatoes with different oils on a baking sheet. Season with the fleur de sel.

Step 3. Training .

Arrange the Tonnato sauce on a plate. Arrange the tomatoes and add the remaining oil to the baking sheet. Add the fresh almonds, basil leaves and fried capers.

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