The little avocado quinoa salad that wants you good

Healthy and very filling, these little quinoa salads with cranberries and avocado are all good for winter. We try ?


  • Rehydrate the quinoa mixture : in a bowl, pour the boiling water over the express quinoa cereal and cranberry mixture , and mix. Let swell, then add the olive oil.

  • In a bowl, mash the peeled, pitted and chopped avocados with a fork .

  • Add the lemon juice , olive oil , a few chopped coriander leaves and season with salt.

  • Wash the two tomatoes . Immerse them in boiling water then cool them immediately. Peel them then cut them into small cubes.

  • In a salad bowl , mix them with a drizzle of olive oil , salt and pepper .

  • Divide the guacamole among 4 verrines . Then add a nice portion of quinoa with cranberries , and finally the tomato tartare .

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