A Moroccan omelette sandwich

Sandwich Omelette

The latest obsession with street food? Sandwiches and other kifs from the Maghreb. Evidenced by the latest book Street Food in Morocco by Julie Carcaud and Asmaa Chaidi.

There is, among other things, an omelet and meat sandwich , a real old-fashioned Moroccan snack.


  • In a bowl, mix two eggs with or without chopped onions , olives , cold cuts , khlie and, of course, potatoes .

  • Cook everything in a small pan.

  • The tasty omelet is served in bread.

  • The ideal snack to fill the 11-hour gap.

© Street Food in Morocco , Julie Carcaud, Asmaa Chaidi, Langages du Sud, € 39 .

couverture du livre de recette street food au Maroc aux éditions langage du sud

Also discover the recipe for the club sandwich at The Westin Paris-Vendôme .

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