Senoble: the best cheesecake in Paris

Cheesecake Senoble with cream butter, cream cheese, sugar, lemon juice

A French style cheesecake: such is the specialty of Senoble, a historical house (cheese maker since 1921) that happens to be the hottest Parisian tea salon of the moment. A know-how largely used for their mini- cheesecakes made with cream cheese and farmer cheese. The result is quite simply… Orgasmic!

Preheat the oven to 190°C.

Crush the biscuits into powder in a small vat and add the cream butter.

At the bottom of a pastry circle placed on a cooking pad, present the preparation on

5 mm of width.

Cook 6 minutes in the oven.

With a whip, mix the fresh cream, the cream cheese and the sugar.

Add the eggs (yolks one by one) then the lemon juice.

Add the farmer cheese and whip up the mix.

Place the apparatus on the biscuit in the circle.

Cook at 110°C during 1h.

Once cooled down, place in the icebox for several hours.

Decorate with the chantilly.


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For the biscuit :

300 gr of speculoos

125 gr of soft butter

For the cake preparation:

450 gr of fresh cream

300 gr of cheese and cream

150 gr of sugar

150 gr of white cheese

4 whole eggs

juice from an organic lemon

For the plain mini-cheesecake: whipping up a chantilly

For the mini raspberry cheesecake: mashed raspberries with a little bit of sugar and juice from an organic lemon

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