Wow ! A clafoutis with coconut milk...


·        Preparation : 15 min

·        Cooking : 40 min

For 6 persons


·        Preheat the oven to 200°C.

·        Break the eggs in a recipient and add the sugars and the salt. Beat until the mixture is homogenous.

·        Incorporate little by little the flour and the butter previously melted.

·        Pour the coconut milk and the liquid cream, then mix.

·        Spread a springform cake mould with butter and powdered sugar, removing the excess.

·        Peel the bananas and cut up in round shapes of about 1cm. Place at the bottom of the mould and add the blueberries. Slowly pour the clafoutis dough on the fruit and bake for 40 minutes.

·        Allow to cool down totally before tasting.

Recipe credit : AIB-Delphine Constantini

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-  2 bananas

-  3 eggs

-  125 g of blueberries

-  150 g of flour

-  250 ml of coconut milk

-  50 ml of liquid cream

-  120 g of powdered sugar

-  1 sachet of vanilla sugar

-  60 g of soft butter

-  1 pinch of salt

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