The beef filet of Beatriz Gonzalez

Recette Filet De Boeuf

The beef filet recipe of Beatriz Gonzalez, the Mexican chef of the Left Bank Grande Epicerie restaurant,  whose style is based on subtle mixes of sweet/salty as well as touches of perfectly dosed acidity on the plates.

Pour 4 persons • Preparation: 1 h • Cooking: 30 min

Season and cook the filet of beef in a warm pan on each side. Keep the juice.

In a big dish, place the tomatoes previously cut into big 3-cm cubes.

Bake the tomatoes with all the aromatic herbs and the seasoning (rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper and olive oil).

Cut the watermelon in rather thick chunks in order to be able to quickly cook them à la plancha on each side. Set aside.

On a flat plate, place the filet of beef at the centre and the garnishing all around: the glazed tomatoes, the cooked watermelon chucks and a few cherry.

Finish with the meat juice and the flowers.


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- 1 kg of beef filet

- 4 to 6 old-fashioned tomatoes

- Cherry tomatoes

- 1/2 watermelon

- Raisin pit oil

- Peanut oil

- Thyme, rosemary

- Butter

- Garlic

- Salt, pepper

Edible flowers :

- Hibiscus, arugula, marigold

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