The mini no gluten sandwiches


·        Preparation: 15 min

For 6 persons – about 24 toasts


·        Pour the fresh cheese in a bowl with the balsamic vinegar then crush with a fork.

·        Toast the whole-wheat bread slices for a few minutes. Then with a cookie cutter, cut pretty circles.

·        Peel the bananas and cut in slices about 0,5 cm thick. Squeeze the yellow lemon juice and immediately pour over the banana pieces so they do not blacken. Spread the fresh cheese preparation on each small toast then add some ground pepper.

·        Place 2 round slices of banana and finish by a small quantity of white ham. Spike each toast with a tooth pick in order the hold everything together.

Recipe credit: AIB-Delphine Constantini

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-  2 bananas

-  250 g of fresh cheese

-  2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar

-  1 yellow lemon

-  100 g of white ham

-  Grinded pepper

-  24 slices of whole-wheat bread

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