Rhino Rouge: the Texan BBQ that’s setting fire to the 12th

Rhino Rouge Paris

What three words summarize Texas? Nasa, Beyoncé and smoked meat. You get the picture, the state where Queen B grew up is also the world champion of BBQ. No trace of Mrs Carter at the Rhino Rouge, however this smoker located near the Marché d’Aligre market produces incredible ribs.

A brand new smoker oven

You cannot miss it. Installed at the entrance of the restaurant, this imposing red Smokemaster Convection Oven is a creation of J&R Manufacturing, the Rolls Royce of its kind in Texas. The specialty of this high tech wood-burning oven? It conveys an incomparable smoked taste to meats that spend hours inside.

Speaking of meats, each piece was specially selected: some are supplied by the butcher of star tables Olivier Metzger, others come from Ireland or the United States. The result is top notch beef ribs served with bones and lacquered with a super shallot and red wine sauce (€29), a brisket of Black Angus cooked during twelve long hours (€16) and a superb pulled pork Label Rouge from the South-West assorted with a sweet and sour soja sauce, without forgetting the house seasonings served on the side assaisonnements maison fournis à côté: BBQ, ketchup, mustard.

To complete the offer? The irresistible rebel potatoes, half-way between baked potatoes and fries (€5) or glazed veggies (6 €). And of course,  the excellent cheesecake (€6) as final treat.

For a tasty finger-licking good chicken

Still unknown in France, the beer can chicken is a Rhino Rouge specialty (€14). This amusing technique consists in introducing a beer can in the rear of the fowl. After the cooking period, the chicken comes out nice and juicy.

Open Tuesday to Saturday lunch and dinner.


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