Small skewers in 5 mn flat

Brochette Porc Ketchup Coriandre

A must for speedy Parisiennes who dream of barbecues, rosé wine and long summer nights… Wager everything on this short furiously express Ketchup recipe that flirts with Japanese inspirations. A delight.

Preparation : 5 minutes
Cooking: 20 minutes

Preparation :

1)    Wash and chop up quickly the coriander bunch.

2)    Cut the pork meat into large cubes than assemble 12 small skewers on wood picks (3 per person). Season.

3)    Heat the Oliviers&Co. olive oil in a large pan and seize the skewers. Add the milk and soya sauce once the skewers are nice and golden.

4)    Lower the flame and allow the brochettes to cook for 20 minutes on a low regular fire in order to caramelize them.

5)    Drain the skewers in a plate.

6)    Baste the still warm brochettes with the Oliviers&Co. Gourmet Ketchup then cover with chiselled coriander.

7)    Serve immediately with mashed potatoes and olive oil or a salad of fresh spinach spouts.


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For 4 persons :

-    800 g of lean pork shank
-    2 tablespoons of Oliviers&Co basic olive oil. 
-    1 tablespoon of Oliviers&Co lavender honey.
-    6 tablespoons of Oliviers&Co Gourmet Ketchup. 
-    1 bunch of coriander
-    2 tablespoons of soya sauce
-    Salt, pepper

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