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Catherine Malpas : her name is known as the white wolf among stars and top models. A follower of body-positivism , this naturopath , guru of eating well and author of Making Peace with Your Plate (Éditions de la Martinière) helps Parisiennes to regain their shape, self-confidence by displaying a splendid line. Decryption.

We stop the massacre of the scales

perdre du gras pas du poids

Clearly, to lose weight is to lose fat, not weight , explains Catherine Malpas. “ However, when you dry, you don't necessarily lose weight on your scale, especially since muscle weighs more than fat.” Translation: “ weight ” is not necessarily connected with refinement. Sometimes you lose a size of clothing without losing 1 gram on your scale.

In practice: “ In women, it is necessary to be between 20 and 25% of maximum body fat before 40 years of age to calmly approach menopause ”. It is calculated on an impedancemetry balance (a type III approved multifrequency balance to guarantee the reliability of the figures). Watch your fat areas! The one on the stomach, the love handles, the folds under the scapula indicate a storage of fat linked to food (poor management of sugar in the blood), which can in the long run lead to hyper-insulinemia , first stage of type II diabetes.

We forget the calorie system

Assortiment de tomates, petits pois, champignons et poivron

Counting calories is simple, easy. But at what cost ? “ We inflict unnecessary suffering on ourselves. Lasting slimming is the triumph of common sense and, first of all, making peace with your plate with a more positive and guilt-free approach. I think people have finally understood that we can't have everything right away, ” analyzes the naturopath.

In practice: zap all the so-called empty calories that do not add anything, namely processed and ultra-processed foods such as rice cakes and we focus on raw vegetables and raw , which are foods rich in minerals , trace elements , vitamins and enzymes , but also cooked vegetables which provide fiber and protein for essential amino acids which allow tissue repair and muscle building.

Focus on low glycemic index foods

It is the measure to be respected, rather than the calories which are an archaic view of nutrition. Concretely: the glycemic index measures the speed of transformation of food into sugar during the two hours which follow their ingestion. The higher the glycemic index, the faster the absorption of glucose (sugar), which causes an insulin spike which will transform the food bolus into triglycerides (into fat). Fat that will be stored in the abdomen, love handles and folds under the scapula (rapid storage area that allowed hunter-gatherers to survive in the event of famine or long illness). The lower the glycemic index, the stronger the satiety effect, which allows you to eat your fill and maintain consistent blood sugar levels throughout the day, ultimately resulting in fat loss and thinning. silhouette.

In practice: fruits, raw vegetables, vegetables, whatever they are, you can eat them at will! As far as starchy foods are concerned , we prefer al dente pasta , Thai or basmati rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, semolina, spelled sourdough bread or cereals (anything but white) and legumes .

Proteins (meat, eggs, fish) are not affected by GI , but I would like to take this opportunity to say that we must limit the consumption of red meat and focus on quality proteins and preferably organic .

Example of a meal where you will “ degrease ”: avocado , olives, hummus, feta seasoned with olive oil, lemon, balsamic vinegar as a starter. Chicken or fish fillet + cooked vegetables + 1/3 of the plate or about 100 g of starchy foods.

We start fasting

We are showered with absurd misconceptions: “That breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or that we should eat 3 or 4 times a day, is completely false” . The fasting, which is to fast for 16 hours straight (as many times as you want during the week, depending on his motivation) is a super interesting way to trigger glucagon: the destocking hormone fat ... In practicing fasting regularly: we get rid of unnecessary fat on the abdomen and love handles but also on all areas of “ conflict ” and we put the digestive system at rest. “ When we know that 80% of declared illnesses have a digestive origin, we understand that fasting is also good for health.”

In practice: for those who are not addicted, we skip breakfast and just drink tea , herbal tea or water and coffee in the morning.

Your nutrition period lasts for 8 a.m., and should be followed by a fasting period of 4 p.m. (if you finish dinner at 9 p.m. your lunch should be taken from 1 p.m., if you end at 10 p.m. you don't start. to eat from 2 p.m. and so on). You activate glucagon, the role of which is to destock fat. Be careful, you must use fasting as a tool, without generating frustration. It's up to you to choose the 8 hour eating window that's right for you. You can also skip dinner and stop for afternoon tea.

We forget about diets

Since the time that diets have existed, if there was one that worked, it would be known! If diets fail, it is because they cause a biological reaction that you cannot fight: the survival of the species. And yes, the brain doesn't differentiate between “ diet ” and “ starvation ”. As soon as you frustrate him , he considers that he must act to keep you alive. It lowers basal metabolism (the energy your body uses while resting for vital functions) and promotes fat storage. In the end, you lose muscle and when you resume eating normally, you gain more weight than before the diet.

In practice. For those who need a breakfast: fried eggs or fruit toast with cereal bread and a little butter. Zap the white bread that causes insulin spikes. For lunch: we start with a starter of seasoned raw vegetables + with good lipids that satiate like an avocado. Add a protein (egg, meat / fish) + vegetables. Better to avoid starches if you want to refine yourself, but if the hunger is there, they should make up 1/3 of your plate in the form of sweet potato, al dente pasta, quinoa, bulgur or semolina.

We relax in the evening with an aperitif

apéro crudité léger soir

“I recommend the aperitif-crudité in the evening which allows you to decompress, to remain convivial and to be satisfied from all points of view by avoiding cracking of all kinds.”

In practice: “ The aperitif can consist of raw carrots, avocado, cucumber, shavings of Parmesan and olives, to accompany a glass of field 'or red wine. It's very convivial, satisfying for the stomach and the mind ”. And if you're still hungry, make a little homemade vegetable soup with a small portion of protein like a slice of ham with a plate of vegetables.

We manage sugar crises with the survival kit

kit de survie incluant fruits frais fromage blanc, yaourt brebis ou chèvres et tous les oléagineux

No dessert …. “ Unless we start to think only of that! In which case, we adopt what I call the survival kit. No need to deprive yourself, it's totally counterproductive ”, recalls Catherine Malpas.

In practice: fresh fruit - fromage blanc or sheep's or goat's milk yogurt (never 0%) - compote without added sugar - all oilseeds (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts) - 2 squares of chocolate with at least 70% cocoa. You can take everything “ at will ” as long as you chew well!

We adopt the compensation system

Forget forever the principle of “ damn for damn ” by continuing to stuff ourselves all weekend under the pretext that we drank and drank too much the day before. “ Precisely no. it's the contrary. We assume and balance the next morning. ”

In practice : “ Have we crossed the limits? Don't panic, we take a deep breath and take back control. A little quicking (4 p.m. without eating) to clean the machine, drink lemon juice, ginger herbal teas, get some air with a brisk walk for 45 minutes to promote peristalsis (all muscle contractions allowing the progression of the food bolus, editor's note) . Ideally, we even do a sauna to help the body eliminate toxins better . ” she explains.

We relax with cryo and a deep tissue massage or a KoBiDo treatment

France is the world champion in the consumption of sleeping pills. Clearly, if you sleep poorly, you cannot digest and therefore eliminate even less well! The more you take care of yourself, the more you sleep and the better you recover . And it clearly helps promote slimness .

In practice : cryotherapy is adopted once or twice a week. It's quick and easy: 1 minute 30 minutes at less than 140 °, and it relaxes the body enormously. You can also have a deep draining massage or a KoBiDo facial treatment at Aline Faucheur at 17 place des Vosges, Paris 4th district.

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