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Raita courgette from the book je cuisine les fleurs

Zoom on a courgettes raïta.

For 2 to 3 persons:

Preparation: 10 minutes

Cooking: none

  • Wash the flowers, the courgettes and chives.
  • Chop the chives and the courgette flowers.
  • In a bowl, season the farmer cheese with olive, ol, salt and pepper.
  • At the last moment, grate the not tool finely, to avoid too much water coming out.
  • Mix the cheese with the courgette. Sprinkle with flowers and chives.

The cover of the book je cuisine les fleurs

© Olivier Degorce

Je cuisine les fleurs

50 unexpected recipes

The palette of edible flowers is quite large : nasturtium, violet, wisteria, ornithogale from the Pyrénées… Not only does eating flowers satisfy our aesthetical sense as well as bring a playful touch to our culinary whims, it also happens to be healthy. Indeed, flowers offer many virtues that Amandine Geers and Olivier Degorce describe in their book. They present 24 field and garden flowers to prepare appetizers, salads, soups, main dishes, desserts, drinks and seasonings. For each one, they indicate identification means, the places they grow and when is the season to pick them, the edible parts, their virtues and how to prepare and preserve them. A book that will make our taste buds blossom!

Recipe from the book « Je cuisine les fleurs », by Amandine Geers & Olivier Degorce, Terre vivante publications.

In bookshops starting the 15th of April 2016 – 132 pages – 12 € – Collection Faciles & bio –Terre vivante publications


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Ingredients :

✽ 2 small courgettes with their flower

✽ 400 g of farmer cheese

✽ 3 tablespoons of olive oil

✽ 1 tablespoon of chives

✽ Salt and pepper

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