Tom Villa, master of ceremonies on the Republic stage

Tom Villa

The Nominees are… announced by Tom Villa ! On display at the Théâtre Le République since January, the former columnist of Thierry Ardisson in SLT signs his very first one-man-show and it's very funny.

After putting on his best “ waiter at Fouquet's tuxedo and taking his place behind his master of ceremonies desk, the Caesar-style evening can begin!

“I declare the ceremony open!”

If he has already convinced the public of Maxime Gasteuil by playing his first part at the theater of the Eiffel Tower, it is now at his show that we come to screw up for a very personal awards ceremony , against a background of ultra controversial subjects. . Ecology , politics , social networks, yellow vests , religion ... Frank talk and punchlines are waiting for you.

Impossible not to laugh when he evokes the absurdity of the leetchi funds to finance a trip between lovers Paris - USA or to help someone promote his small region ... in the Maldives: the biggest scam of all time. We love.

From everyday life to political life

If, already, we laugh from beginning to end, Tom puts aside the political correctness with a lot of cynicism and recoil on himself and that feels good. “ Yes I will make jokes about the disabled, yes! I cannot afford to deprive myself of my disabled audience.

And beware of the one who, once his turn at the supermarket checkout , goes looking for a forgotten product on the shelf, or the one whose phone has inadvertently slipped into the bathroom. Oops.

Everyone takes it for their rank. Evidenced, without too much spoiler, his slide tribute to those who have left us, from the idol Johnny to Carlos Ghosn , not to mention the metro (the what?), Which left too quickly. In short, a nice way to tell us about the company with humor.

Every Wednesday and Friday evening at 9:30 p.m. , free seating from € 12.95, reservations on

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