We want asparagus !

Aspargus Gribiche Sauce

It’s opening season for white asparagus. So make a beeline for this treasure from the Landes region to be dipped in a gribiche sauce. Just the kind of small sin we love.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 6 minutes

For 4 persons:

-    16 asparagus from the Landes IGP

Peel the asparagus. In order to avoid breaking them, place the asparagus on the kitchen counter and remove thin slivers of skin with a special vegetable peeler. Then place the asparagus on a plate (you can set aside the discarded asparagus stems for a salad). Dip the asparagus for 6 minutes in boiling salty water, drain them and allow to cool down.

Chop the capers, the pickles, the hard boiled eggs and the aromatic herbs. In a salad bowl, make your own gribiche sauce: whip the mustard and the vinegar, season with salt and pepper. Pour a little peanut oil. When the sauce is firm and thick, incorporate the shredded eggs and herbs. Place the asparagus on a plate and garnish the small compartment with gribiche sauce.


© J-C Amiel / O. Souksis Savanh / asparagus from the protected Landes IGP sand

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For the preparation of the gribiche sauce with herbs:

-    80 g of pickles

-    20 g of capers

-    2 hard boiled eggs

-    4 sprigs of flat parsley

-    6 sprigs of chives

-    2 sprigs of coriander

-    2 strong mustard

-    10 table spoons of peanut oil

-    2 teaspoons of Xérès vinegar

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