Adrien Cachot, the young (top) chef who counts

Adrien Cachot

From his time at Top Chef , we will remember his impromptu mastery of flambadou , his steadfast calm , his ideas for original dishes like #yolo and his appetite for tripe products. Adrien Cachot , finalist of the 11th season of the culinary telecrochet, has made a place for himself in the hearts of foodies and already has more than 154k subscribers on Instagram. “ Top Chef gave me a little more self-confidence and credibility as a young chef ”, he confides to us the day after the broadcast of the grand final.

Yet until now, his Detour restaurant in the 9th arrondissement had remained rather confidential. Instead, aim for: a surprise menu to discreetly taste offal (smart!), 16 seats in the dining room, Adrien alone in the meals and in the dish, sometimes even at the service to help his companion Emie (“ a woman of absolute gentleness and which accompanies it in a very poetic way ”, specifies a relative of the couple). With his lover besides, the chef claims to form a true duo: “ If today I am where I am, it is partly thanks to her ”. Together, it seems it's always better ...

Rain of mentors

Coached on the show by three-star chef Paul Pairet , the two forged a real relationship of trust. About him, Adrien tells us: “ I love him too much, I really want to eat at his place ” (in his Ultraviolet restaurant in Shanghai , editor's note ). It must be said that Pairet always left the field free to the incredible creativity of his foal, always in kindness and with unfailing support.

But before meeting his head of brigade on TV, Adrien Cachot cut his teeth with mentors and friends such as Christian Etchebest , Nicolas Magie or Vivien Durand to name a few. “ I am proud to have been able to represent them a little, and I hope to have embodied the right values ”, he explains. Sure that his final dessert with an ecological message, featuring a fake plastic cup , will be remembered.

The case to follow

Since the shooting, the sympathetic bearded man has turned away from his first Parisian address to soon place another chef there. He admits to looking for a new Parisian place (“ ideally always in the 9th arrondissement ”) to let his cuisine express itself: “ I want things to move! I wouldn't want to be put in a box, I want to have fun and I hope it will be a nice, fun and cool restaurant ”. One thing is certain: the best is yet to come.


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