CHIA BOMB, the new passion of thin gals


You have a tummy ache, decided to pick up sports and a long list of healthy resolutions that you are sure not to follow?

Phew, we have snatched CHIA BOMB, the new detox obsession of fit girls in Los Angeles and Miami that requires no effort and piles up all the heart assets.

-It’s a delicious and gourmet drink (cinnamon + ginger+ lemon+ a dash of maple syrup) at only 20 calories per bottle. A real morning booster, a far cry from a boring vegetable juice.

-A concentrate of Chia, the SUPER FOOD favored by all the fit-girls with a great complexion that we all want to emulate) because it’s filled with fibers allowing you to really stimulate digestion, having a flat stomach and avoiding hunger sensations.

-A potion that will give you energy thanks to its proteins, Omega 3,  as well as ginger to cleanse your liver.  Your will feel in shape and beautiful!

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