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Ungraceful flab, extra kilos, bloating, a grey complexion or oily hair… After the holidays, things are not exactly glam’. Phew: the director of the Bailly pharmacy (the largest pharmacy in Paris !) Mathilde Clément-Allard and her entire team, including dietitians, has shared with us products and tips to debloat and go back to your doll complexion while feeling terrific. No time to drop by? They deliver in 3h flat all over Paris after your online order on Now is the time to start your therapy !

At the Bailly pharmacy, what is the post-holiday diagnosis?

After all the excess holiday eating and drinking, the liver is engorged and you are feeling bloated. Now is the time to detoxify and cleanse hepatic functions with black radish and artichoke. The Erbalab has two that can be sprayed directly under the tongue.

erbalab spray

What strong cure do you suggest for a good detox?

In order to give your liver a break, we suggest fasting from 5pm until the next morning then moving on to a mono-diet day with just vegetable soup or mashed fruit of the season. At Solgar, the Hydroxycitrate and lipoic acids formulas help to fight against bad fat and stocked sugars.

vegetables soup

Your miracle product to suggest to Parisiennes?

At the Bailly pharmacy, you will find all the DLab programs. Very well conceived and very efficient, they comprise 3 bottles to optimise results in keeping with your need of the moment: flat tummy, anti-flab, perfect skin, fat burner.

The great rehab to debloat in just 3 days?

During these three days, eliminate from your diet bread and dairies. Before each meal swallow a spoonful of basil essential oil. Both are very efficient against bloating. Also consider ColonPure capsules made with 5 plants and 4 essential oils—this product cleanses and purifies the colon.

SOS anti grey complexion after an excess of cigarettes, fats and alcohol?

In the morning, drinking AloeVera will bandage your digestive tube in order to repair it and also illuminate your skin; in the evening a table spoon (wooden) of active charcoal to absorb what is giving you a grey complexion.

woman eating aloe vera juice

The right mask to give radiance to a grey complexion?

In a bowl, mix 2 tablespoons of AloeVera gel, an egg yolk, 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of rose oil and 4 drops of rose wood essential oil. This mask will be sure to your complexion and regenerate the most tired skins.

And what about tired eyes?

Soak 2 cottons with cornflower water to which you will have added a drop of decongestive immortal essential oil and leave on for 15min.

Bloating, difficult digestion, pony breath...

what is the treatment that instantly heals post-holiday tummy issues?

The first thing to swallow in the morning is lemon juice in warm water that will help to purify your liver and begin cleansing your intestines with a cure of Triphala. This Ayurvedic formula regenerates the colon and contributes to eliminating toxins!

How to deal with pimples and oily hair?

For hair, add a vial of burdock and/or wild pansies in your shampoo and allow to sink in for 5 min before rinsing. These same vials can be taken orally. The Radiant Skin cure by Biocyte is also very efficient to regulate sebum production thanks to nettles, burdock and zinc.

Clay masks are very efficient: pink clay for sensitive skins, grey for oily ones, yellow for mixed skins and white for a boosting effect. To each skin its clay (Argiletz).

The great tip when you cannot resist finishing the end of the chocolate box?

Chrome ! At Solgar, picolinate chrome dosed at 200µg calms your sugar urges with just one take per day.

3 good products to adopt in order to boost your energy

· 2 drops of essential oils ginger on a neutral pill every morning on an empty stomach

· The Tonic Potion (honey, ginger, acerola, propolis, pollen, guarana, grapefruit pit, ginseng) from Propolia— 1 vial per day in order to booster your immunity defences.

· Ayurvana Astragale

The good cure to make you feel tops ?

Spirtonic by Akafood. A teaspoon in a glass of water or in fruit juice every morning will bring your concentration, energy and good humor!

spiruline by akal food

On the post-holiday agenda

· Stop emptying the chocolate boxes ! Replace alcohol with water or fruit juices and eat light in the evening for 15 days.


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