Laura Gonzales, the trendy interior designer

Laura Gonzales, the trendy interior designer

She has just redecorated all the new trendy restaurants (La Gare, that’s her, Jules, her again). Laura Gonzales is the hottest fashion decorator of the moment.

Between two site meetings, this divine Parisienne has taken the time to share with us her addresses and here are a few of her tips to give a new amusing look to your flat!

3 chic, yet cheap decoration tips

Table dressing

© Unsplash, CC

1) Go in favour of silverware, even if it does not match. They are sold for very little at tag sales… It’s so much more elegant and pleasant !

2) Zara Home! The boutique where to buy glasses, printed table cloths… They change the collection all the time and it costs next to nothing.

3) Play with the mix and match look! I separate all the plates (bought at flea markets) and the glasses. However keep the same style style. Buy for example an identical glass shape 3 or 4 different colors. Offer your guests 3 or 4 pairs of table napkins etc etc.

my favourite place to go and have drinks

La Gare dining room

© Facebook La Gare

La Gare is a restaurant in the 16th whose decor I redesigned. I am wild about their terrace, chic without being over the top. It’s a very green place, far from the usual bobo terraces.

Here there is a New-York feeling, you feel like dressing up to come have a drink with your friends. My favorite cocktails? Their Spritz or the delicious « Babodream », all pink with vodka, lemon, litchi and Cointreau.

Plus d’infos sur La Gare et tous les bars pour siroter des cocktails et coupettes

My tasteful parisian address

I adore the Croix Rouge bar in Saint Germain. It’s the utmost in Parisian ! I’ve been going there for 10 years and ordering for those 10 yearsthe Saint Sulpice plate: a Poilane tartine with tuna and tomato. My passion !

I ate one everyday when I was pregnant.

Arôm, to give a bucolic touch to my flat

Arom storefront

© Arôm

I cross all of Paris to fetch flowers here. They put together lovely bouquets and prepare superb compositions with amazing colors. I adore their peonies and old roses, especially the violets. These are fantastic rare flowers.

I gives a really fresh and pretty bucolic touch to a flat.

My decorating tip? Putting bouquets in a champagne bucket: it’s chic and amusing. Otherwise, I mismatch the bouquet in small single flower vases all over my flat. I place 3 small flowers in a crystal glass that I put in my bathroom, 2 small flowers in a little bottle in my kitchen etc, etc.

the market where I always find gems

Clignancourt flea market

© Page Facebook Puces de Clignancourt

I am a big fan of the Clignancourt flea market where I buy my furniture, small lamps, old style tableware in the small streets around the Paul Bert market. There one finds all sorts of objects and inspiration…

My small tip? Try to find vintage brass lamps: the effect is always bluffing; I always also try to buy in season superb peonies for very little from the roving Indian flower store at the Paul Bert market.

Boosting a flat with geometric paintings on the wall

If your flat does not have Haussmannian moldings, then play with paints: it will give your decor a modern peppy touch!

Try using painter’s masking tape (you can buy it in most drugstores). The easy version that works each time? Go for a two tone frame on a white wall.

Another fun idea? At the bottom of a white wall, paint 3 strips of color 80 cm from one another, for example, shades of mustard, blue and water green to be bought online.


Also discover how to adopt the style of Laura Gonzalez.

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