The diary of a Parisian investigating Tinder

Amour Sous Algorithme

It's terrifying and you can tell you'll love it. Love under Algorithm is a shocking survey that is causing a stir in the world of dating apps… but which is as pleasant and easy to read as Le Diable wears Prada .

Newly arrived in the world of celibacy, Judith Duportail , journalist at Le Figaro , accidentally begins an investigation on Tinder ... Big Data, romantic or misogynist? Black Mirror had better watch out.

The strength of an investigation with the tone of Carrie Bradshaw

The kiff of this essay is obviously the quality of the documentary but above all the tone of the hyper-documented investigation in a Carrie Bradshaw newspaper .

Here you are slipped into the stilettos of a pretty bobo journalist in Paris who registers on Tinder. Proud to be back in her 36, the Parisian cultivates her sex appeal by frequenting the Club Med Gym and the café terraces. Judith has never felt so desirable ...

Especially since his recent registration on Tinder makes him see life in pink. "Is it possible ? Is it real? Everyone likes me… All these men?… I let the narcissism shoot up as if I had been given an intravenous drug. ”

A story like a soap

Then comes the time of disillusionment… A sex scene that she likes which ends the story with a “ I can't go out with a girl I met on Tinder ” or a guy who admits to her always staying connected to see “ If he finds something better ”… It's time for disillusionment.

Stories of Judith are linked as episodes of a true romantic soap that nature that reflect the sentimental galley and void are feeling decidedly the goodwill of the app more profitable to the Apple Store .. .

A tough investigation in search of the Elo score

How did Judith become the Tintin in search of the truth on Tinder ?

“The idea came from reading an article that explained that everyone is rated on Tinder according to a desirability criterion and that we did not have access to this rating ... In fact, my phone is evaluating me … I wanted to know more. ”

Now a freelance writer for Grazia , Judith is responsible for interviewing the boss of Tinder . In the course of her research, the journalist discovers that the promise to meet by “ geolocation ” is anecdotal… It is the famous Elo score which will in fact guide your meetings.

Explanations. “Desirability, the famous“ Elo score ”, is a way of staying with people of your“ level ”. Basically: the beautiful will meet the beautiful, the means with the means, the poor with the poor ... The only way to get out of your “ place ” of desirability, to match outside the area, is to pay ... It has the effect of a boat where you would be gathered by level, in 1st, 2nd or 3rd class. From time to time, you have the right to buy a half-day ticket to go look on the deck of the first before going down ...

A tarnished progressive image

On paper, Tinder is seen as a committed progressive company, parading for Gay Pride and advocating equal pay on March 8. But hey, hey, when Judith goes to get the patent ... She discovers very different values than those advocated by Tinder.

The company reserves the right to assess the attractiveness and intelligence (wealth, beauty, level of education) of its users, by reading the messages on the app, by analyzing them and via Facebook data. to log in.

The use of this information turns out to be sadly archaic. Translation: we will meet a rich man of a certain age with a pretty young woman younger and at the lower level of education ... But not the other way around. On that account, Macron would never have met Brigitte, nor Sartre Beauvoir… CQFD? To meditate !

Livre de Judith Duportail, éditions Goutte d'Or

Love under Judith Duportail's algorithm . by Editions Goutte d'Or. 17 €.

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