Panisses small breads are the new fries…

Recette Panisses

Here are Southerner fries made with chickpea flour. So when Julien Duboué, the star chef from the Landes, creates his own recipe for this vintage junk-food in his book "Sud-Ouest" it’s obviously a killer...

The tasty story : « After a game of pétanque with friends in the sunny Var region, my friend’s mother served panisses at happy hour. I found this so interesting that when I returned home, I tried the recipe by replacing the water with fresh cream, to make the panisse tastier and creamier... I also added chorizo by Eric Ospital and rosemary to bring a herbal touch and underline Provençal character of the recipe

For 4 persons Sitting time : 1 night Preparation : 20 min Cooking time : 20 min


Dough for panisses small breads:

The night before, chop up the rosemary and bring the liquid cream to a boil in a pan. Away from the flame, add the chickpea flour, the salt, the ground pepper and the chopped rosemary. Mix until you obtain a smooth dough.


Dice up the chorizo (brunoise). Cook the dough on low flame for 15 min constantly stirring. The dough must be well-cooked so that the panisses don’t break when they go through the frying process.

Then add the diced up chorizo. Pour the dough in a rectangular mould with 2 cm width, cover with transparent film, place in the icebox for the night.


The same day, unmould the panisses dough on a board, then cut lozenges with 2 cm sides. Fry the panisses at 180 °C during 1 min, then drain on absorbing paper. Serve quickly.

book Julien Duboué Sud-Ouest

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1 tablespoon of rosemary

1 l of liquid cream

160 g of chickpea flour

1 tablespoon of salt

3 pinches of ground pepper

100 g of chorizo sausage

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