SPOK x American Vintage octopus ramen

Ramen Au Poulpe

American Vintage invests SPOK urban canteens for a super gourmet collaboration. It gives the servers a makeover and a Mediterranean octopus ramen with a new recipe . An undeniably stylish art of living!

For 5 ramen.


The broth :

  • Cut all the vegetables into sticks.

  • Brown them well in a pan in olive oil (it is this coloring which gives all the flavor to the broth).
  • Add the chopped garlic , saffron , sweet pepper and fennel seeds according to your taste.

  • Flambé with pastis then wet with 1.2L of water.

  • Cook for 1 hour and remove the vegetables from the broth .

  • Infuse the broth with the lemon juice and basil leaves .

The octopus :

  • Slowly cook 200 g of octopus tentacles in vegetable broth for about 4 hours. To keep the octopus tender keep the broth simmering.
  • Cut the tentacles and marinate for at least 1 hour in the chopped garlic, chopped basil, lemon juice and the olive oil.

The noodles :

  • Cook 450g udon noodles in a very large amount of boiling salted water.

The assembly :

  • At the bottom of each bowl, a first portion of udon noodles, then the vegetable broth, octopus, boiling broth, and finish with a sprig of basil, a dash of olive oil and white pepper freshly ground.

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