The cod fish of Beatriz Gonzalez


The cod recipe of Beatriz Gonzalez, the Mexican chef of the Left Bank Grande Epicerie restaurant,  whose style is based on subtle mixes of sweet/salty as well as touches of perfectly dosed acidity on the plates.

For 8 persons • Preparation : 40 min • Cooking : 20 min

Prepare the cod filets. Leave in coarse salt for 10 min then rinse and set aside in a fresh place.

Cut the filets into 180g chucks and also set aside in a fresh place.

For the garnishing, wash the zucchini and cut the ends so that each piece can stand up.

Cook the zucchinis in boiling hot water and cool in very cold water. Dig out zucchini.

Set aside the heart for the lavender condiment.

For the lavender condiment: in a salad bowl, mix the finely chopped herbs with the melted butter and the white wine.

Add the zucchini hearts previously mixed with a little lavender honey.

Prepare the aromatic oil: heat up a crushed garlic clove, the lemon thyme and the raisin pit oil. Allow too cool so that it infuses.

Pan fry the skin side of the cod for a few minutes in the aromatic oil, previously prepared, the cooking must be pearly (a slightly translucid fish).

On a plate, place a piece of stuffed zucchini with the lavender condiment. Finish by lacing the cod and a few dabs lavender condiment. Place a few flowers on top.


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