The Blair W. salad

Recette Salade Waldorf680

What is the favorite dish of Gossip Girls ? The Waldorf of course ! The upscale preppy New Yorker salad to be tested urgently.

For 4 persons

30 min of preparation

Step 1

Slightly break up the walnuts. Wash and cut the celery into chunks of about 5 cm

Then slice them up into little sticks. Mince the salad into strips. Wash and cut apple circles all around the heart then cut into sticks.

Step 2

In a large dish, mix the apple and celery sticks with the mayonnaise and juice from half a squeezed lemon.

Step 2

Set up in the plates a little bit of salad, topped with the apple-celery mix then sprinkle with the crushed walnuts. To be served immediately.


Also discover the couscous veggie salad and the cobb salad from the Ralph's restaurant.

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100 g of walnuts

2 branches of celery

1 heart of romaine lettuce

2 green apples

1 red apple

2 tablespoons of house mayonnaise or industrial

½ lemon

Salt and ground pepper

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