The healthy secrets of Estelle Lefébure

Healthy tips from Estelle Lefébure

Estelle Lefébure is a really hot 50-years-old twig, super natural, healthy and full of great tips to look as hot as her: we would all like to age as gracefully as she does...

Well we have good news: the made-in-Normandy former model has just publishedOrahe, an anti-age method book by Flammarion. This really healthy lifestyle bible features her methods to stay in shape and beautiful: tips, recipes, gym exercises, detox tricks.

A perfect occasion to share with us all her little secrets to look fab this Spring.

your best detox tips?

Lemon on a branch

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In my new book, I highly recommend that a nutritional detox go along with a spiritual detox. One does not work without the other.

For the body, in order to drain the liver, I recommend a 20-day organic lemon cure.

For the spirit, why not start a big spring cleaning? In every sense of the term…

how to fight wrinkles

Woman's face

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For me, the two must-do gestures are makeup removal and moisturisation with pure organic aloe vera.

In terms of treatments, I suggest an anti-wrinkle mask with a whipped egg white, half a squeezed lemon and a tablespoon of organic olive oil. Leave on for 20 before rinsing. It does not get much cheaper than that!

avoiding compulsive nibbling urges

Batch of red apples

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I come from Normandy, so my answer: eat an apple… Preferably outside of meals and flour-filled good.

the remedy after a too short night of rest

Detox green juice

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By preparing yourself a little « 10 years less » concoction that includes ginger, chia seeds and maca powder.

Mix 240ml of coconut milk + 125g pineapple + 1 banana + 1 tablespoon of coconut oil + ½ teaspoon of curcuma, cinnamon and ginger + 1 c. of chia seed and maca powder.

your special ingredient ?

Maca powder box

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Right now I am totally wild about maca powder… Peruvian ginseng boosts your entire organism ! They say it stimulates the production of sexual hormones and reduces the symptoms of menopause.

beautiful hair, don't care

Hairdresser storefront Christophe Robin

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Since many years, it’s Christophe Robin who takes care of my colour. Watch out for dark uniform colours that add on years!

The ultimate workout exercise for a fit body this summer

Woman exercising outdoor

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The head-down dog, 5 repetitions for each leg, 3 to 5 series… This exercise is part of the reversed positions that tone shoulders and fannies while guaranteeing a very firm tummy.

how to detox your dressing

Clothes on hangers

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Sorting and giving away! It’s important for others, for the planet and for you.

How to fight an eventual burn-out ?

Estelle Lefébure

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Learning how to breathe in order to avoid asphyxiation! All those who practice Hatha yoga know how to breather by alternating nostrils … You will see how quickly you will feel better.

Orahe, ma méthode anti-âge by Estelle Lefébure, Editions Flammarion, 19.90€


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