A chic and off-beat one woman show

Un One Woman Show Chic Et Decale Bonplan500

When a pretty gal explains by a + b that it’s better to pick a future husband from Forbes 500, that lists the richest men in the world, rather than go for football players, it’s pretty funny.

Then when she gives us a peek at our not so valiant potential targets, it becomes totally hilarious.

And to finish, the clever gal unveils her secrets to choose her prey and  catch « the beast »… A one woman show as interesting as it is amusing!

Tops: the show takes place on a divine barge at the foot of Notre Dame de Paris. So we definitely take advantage of the outing by going out for dinner before the show or having a last drink when it’s over.

The hot tip: with us you can win 5 tickets and come with the person of your choice on Friday 13 September at 9pm.

How to marry a millionaire? Audrey Vernon

On Friday at 9h30pm, on Saturday at 6pm, 20 €

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