Indian Summer in the Alpilles

 Breakfast by the pool and a relaxation room in the Alpilles

Yallah! The weather is still tops in the South, a golden occasion to hop back on the TGV heading for Arlesfor a few more sunrays and amusement in the Alpilles, a small Provençal paradise.

Comforting books, fresh rosé and crickets in the village of Lettres de mon moulin. A total dream. Follow the guide!

Is literature the new yoga ?

 Moulin of village celebrated by Alphonse Daudet

It certainly seems so. Because all of Paris has booked their tickets to come relax at the Festival de Fontvieille(the famous village celebrated by Alphonse Daudet), the new most chill literary rendezvous during this incredible Indian Summer.

Here everything is low-key—heavy duty books are not on the agenda— the Prize goes to the  “feel good novel”, created by the marvelous Héloïse Goy, creator of the literary blog Peanut Booker and Marie-Françoise Colombani, ex-editor-in-chief of ELLE.

In short, we drink rosé with the star authors partaking in the good humour to celebrate Bibliothérapie: this new clever method that consists in healing contemporary ailments by reading. As efficient as a good meditation session.

Hey there, Marcel Rufo is on deck, very relaxed but with all his knowledge to speak about the benefits of literature on the mood of the Z generation… directly from the Éden movie house,the oldest super stylish cinema in France is projecting the animated film The Swallows of Kabul, adapted from the splendid novel of Yasmina Khadra by film director Zabou Breitman.

Other strong moment: awarding the 2019 Prize for the “feel-good novel” on Sunday, from which Julia Piaton will read excerpts. The members of the jury, Olivia de Lamberterie, Émilie Frèche or Franz-Olivier Giesbert will come to sign and speak leisurely about their next books.

Prix du “roman qui fait du bien” in Fontvieille, on the 28th and 29th of September 2019.

Staying at a hotel conducive to meditation

Garden of the hotel Prieuré de Maussane

The terms luxury, calm and voluptuousness have never so well deserved their name. Le Prieuré de Maussane is an invitation to stylish meditation. Not surprising, this very special hotel, created by the owners of the amazing Hôtel Particulier d’Arles, has installed a second venue in a former 15th century priory.

Here, the name of the game is minimalism amidst a splendid monastic scenography: an olfactive ambiance —an old church scent, beds placed in the interior courtyard of the abbey that transports visitors in a meditative atmosphere ideal to relax, just like the superb pool installed in a former basin of the homestead...

The rooms (with terrace) are in the same vein: sheets in white linen, waxed cement, Eau d’orange verte by Hermèsin the bathrooms and designer furniture.

To be noted: the breakfast with a buffet of breads, yogurts, brioches, cheese, fruit and other super delicate treats.

Rooms starting at €409 per night, reservations here.

Le Prieuré de Maussane, 13 Rue de l'Escampadou, 13520 Maussane-les-Alpilles

Also discover the Ultimate Provence Hotel, in the middle of the vineyards.

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