La Tour d'Argent unveils its stunning brunch

The tour d'argent brunch

We were already fans of the new version of La Tour d'Argent, which, in addition to its legendary Michelin-starred table led by chef Yannick Franques, catered to tighter budgets with its brand-new Bar des Maillets d'Argent offering breakfast options, daily specials for lunch, and cocktails to die for. A logical and highly anticipated next step: the world's most famous restaurant (inspiring Ratatouille) launches an absolutely insane brunch, now ranking in our top three in Paris. While we eagerly anticipate our next visit, here's the rundown.


the place

Booking early is essential, as foodies are already on high alert. It's understandable: when La Tour d'Argent launches a brunch with an all-you-can-eat buffet for €65, it sets off alarms among the gourmands of Paris. So, head to the Bar des Maillets d'Argent, the new space inaugurated last September, where you can settle in from early morning until evening in comfortable almond green armchairs. The savvy ones will negotiate for the best table: the one facing the fireplace in the adjoining Frédéric Lounge, where you can admire a 1930s-inspired decor featuring equestrian references around polo, the family's totemic sport, a black and white carpet, beautiful books to browse in the library, and a superb wooden table displaying sweet treats...


the brunch

Buffet du brunch de la Tour d'Argent

We highly recommend it: don't eat anything before. Or after. Directly from the bar, marvel at the savory wonders stretching their arms out, tempting you to taste everything. So let's dive in! Dill salmon, various duck pâtés, deviled eggs, charcuterie, salmon rillettes, cheeses, Piémontaise salad that we helped ourselves to twice... Set your loot on a table facing the Pont de la Tournelle before ordering a perfectly light eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce. Of course, save room for the sweet delights: generously buttered pastries from the Boulanger de la Tour, cakes, unlimited fresh juices, yogurts...

An adorable curiosity among the hot drinks: try the marocchino, a sort of latte with the bottom of the cup lined with spread. Utterly decadent bliss.

Brunch served every Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm. €65 per person. Reservations at

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