5 easy exercises to develop your intuition

Developper Son Intuition

Have you ever had a bad feeling when making a decision or had a good feeling with someone? Perhaps you are one of those people who run on instinct . Although elusive, intuition is particularly useful in everyday life. But then, how to develop it and especially how to learn to listen to it? Elodie Dulac, sophrologist and practitioner in energy treatments and massages at Espace Sayya , gives us the keys to strengthening our sixth sense.

Reset your mind

This is the sine qua non . If you are in expectation, in control, or in your mind is cluttered, you are going to be wrong. Meditation is a great way to clear the mind, but there are others. Martial arts, painting, nature walks , the morning shower… The important thing is to let go.

Another prerequisite, learn to listen to yourself. “ Intuition can be translated by a thought, a smell, a heat in the belly, a tingling in the hands, a small voice, it's very personal ”, explains the specialist. While exercising, take note of your feelings, this will help you understand the way you are functioning.

Train in the metro

intuition dans le métro

Is the metro at the platform? As you approach the terminal, take a deep breath and set the intention " I'm not expecting anything, I know it's going to happen ". Without even asking yourself the question, let your inner voice or body dictate whether you need to hurry or if it's a waste of time.

Whatever happens, don't get upset. As Elodie Dulac reminds us , there is a reason why things are happening. Who knows, maybe while you wait for the next metro you'll run into a friend you haven't seen for a long time?

And when the phone rings

intuition téléphone

Option 1: Who were you thinking about ? Option 2: reveal a first name, a face, or another form of thought.

Note what happens: “ I thought of so-and-so, then so-and-so… " As you go, this will allow you to refine your feelings.

Play M & M's® mystery

intuition avec des m&m's

What color will you fall on? Instead of mechanically working the package of M & M's®, take them out one by one, set the intention. If you make a mistake, observe your experience. Were you tense? Were you afraid of making a mistake? Of course, this exercise works with other candies or a tin of tea!

The surprise envelope challenge

This exercise, more advanced, is used by the CIA to work the mind and the intuitive capacity of its agents ”, indicates the sophrologist. Have a friend place a photo in an envelope. Once the fold is sealed, it's up to you to describe what the image represents. Again, set the intention to see what appears, and write down any thoughts that come to your mind. This paper trail will allow you to compare your intuitions to the photo, once you have it in front of your eyes. The experience is sometimes bluffing.

Thanks to Elodie Dulac , sophrologist and practitioner in energy treatments and massages at Espace Sayya .


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