5 infusions to get better

Infusions Bien Etre Celine Ruffet

In great evils, the right remedies. Céline Ruffet has concocted a little guide for us where we learn how to use these herbal drinks to solve all our worries: Bring infusions into your life . We already knew her for having created L'Infuseur , the most chic herbal tea brand in Paris, which can be found in particular at the Grande É picerie and at the Maison Plisson .

Help: I have accumulated lots of toxins

Ingrédient de la recette de l'infusion detox printemps avec du romarin, du gingembre, du curcuma, du citron et de la cannelle

We are a bit like animals, in winter we stay in our cave. Our body makes reserves, we eat more, we move less. But with the beautiful days, we have only one desire: to feel ultra light and to show its legs.

What to do ? A spring detox ! Céline's tip : every season changes, you get a new look. One week detox cure : healthy food, no more caffeine or theine, and we sip our detox water all day.

The recipe : in a teapot, put 4 sprigs of rosemary , 3 slices of fresh peeled ginger , 6 slices of fresh peeled turmeric , the juice of ½ lemon and 3 cinnamon sticks , add 1l of simmering water and let infuse for 7 minutes . Drink lukewarm 20 minutes before breakfast and cool the rest of the day.

Help: I want a glass of rosé… but it's Monday!

Ingrédients pour un mojito virgin, sucre de canne, citron vert et menthe

The temptation of the aperitif, we like so (too much?) To succumb to it… What if we avoided the hangover and the extra pounds without depriving ourselves of a nice drink with our BFF?

What to do ? Phew: Céline has thought of an alternative to the sacrosanct Spritz and offers a mojito that is both virgin and doped with energy .

The recipe: in a tall glass, crush with a pestle or a wooden spoon handle 2 tablespoons of cane sugar and 4 lime wedges . Add 3 sprigs of mint . Fill three-quarters with crushed ice or ice cubes and fill the glass with sparkling water.

Help: I can't get out of bed in the morning

pamplemousse et thym

Sticky eyes, mushy mouth, heavy body: it's as hard to fall asleep at night as it is to get out of bed in the morning, and the torture starts all over again every day.

What to do ? It's time to bite the New York ritual of Celine. 20 minutes before breakfast, enjoy a moment of serenity by drinking a fresh infusion , prepared the day before. Once the inside of the body is awakened, we wake up the muscles with small stretches and presto, voila: no more morning torture!

The recipe: in a transparent carafe, put 1 ½ grapefruit cut into slices, the juice of ½ grapefruit and 10 sprigs of thyme before filling it with water and keeping it cool.

Help: can't motivate myself to go to sport

Infusion eau de coco, citron vert, menthe, eau pétillante

The last time you went there, it did not fail: the next day impossible to move without feeling your stiffness. So frankly, not twice!

What to do ? You just didn't take care to hydrate yourself after the sport, hence the excruciating aches. So quickly, we rummage through Céline's guide: tonic coconut water , ideal for rehydration . We prepare it before the session and keep it cool: after the effort, comfort!

The recipe : lightly crush 2 slices of peeled fresh ginger with the back of a spoon, add 6 sprigs of mint and infuse cold for 10 minutes in 50cl of coconut water . Remove the ginger and mint and add the juice of ½ lime . To drink chilled.

Help: I'm not sleeping

Ingrédient lait d'or curcuma, gingembre, cannelle et sirop d'agrave

Once you get used to it, it's too hard to do without. If we do not go through the sleeping pill box , it is guaranteed insomnia .

What to do ? Our body works to the rhythm of the rituals that we impose on it. It is therefore sufficient to adopt a routine that favors our health. In the case of insomnia , Celine recommends golden milk with turmeric, inspired by Ayurvedic medicine .

The recipe : bring 50 cl of vegetable milk to the boil in which we add 2 slices of fresh peeled turmeric , 1 slice of fresh peeled ginger , 2 cinnamon sticks and a little agave syrup . We sip it while reading a book, and sleep will come to seek you.

Livre de Céline Ruffet, Tana éditions

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Bring infusions into your life , Céline Ruffet, Tana éditions, € 16.90


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