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Give up yoga class because you have to go shopping and the fridge is empty. Hesitant to invite friends over for dinner because we are a bit rickety in terms of timing. The Sunday night loose when we come back from the weekend because there is nothing left to eat and we forgot to buy some kibble for the dog and diapers for the baby. Does that remind you of something ? That was before.

The new promise? Paint your nails: the races are coming!

The 2.0 supermarket that revolutionizes codes

The arrival of Flink , the brand new generation supermarket at super competitive prices, has changed the situation for Parisians. No need to hit the cart, the crowd, the queue, the automatic checkout before carrying everything, loaded like a donkey after work.

Now, full of great products (and less glamorous but necessary basics), we do it via a super damn app , in the metro or in front of its series from 8am to midnight, even on Sundays. With a magical delivery within a quarter of an hour. Just enough time to boil the pasta water or turn on the oven.

A stunning cellar entrusted to the star oenologist

Those who swear by their little wine merchant will find what they are looking for. This is not the kind of house to offer a poorly sourced wine.

Flink has developed an insane partnership with Stéphane Derenoncourt , a very prominent winemaker, ultra-renowned as “ the oenologist of the stars ”. He selected handpicked and respectful producers with sharp bottles to drink as a couple or to serve to friends for a dinner. No hammering, but prices between 9 and 25 € well felt, champagne of small producer included.

In the aperitif corner: all the gear for an improvised snack with a signature Italian truffle sausage, small organic olives, not to mention the crazy hummus and tzatziki from Atelier Blini or a focaccia .

The perfect supply of groceries

We are not going to take an inventory of the 2,000 products on the shelves. It would be way too long. But the stylish food basics of the Parisienne are waiting for you, starting with a big fruit, perfect to stock up on fresh (organic avocado, salad, cauliflower, organic apples and pears, trays of raspberries and blueberries ...) and a real bakery in partnership with local artisans for tradi fresh baguette, a gluten-free bread, a babka and other pastries to boot.

Then, it goes from the hot organic granola which has everything going through the vegetable milk , the super Italian Rummo pasta, the haute couture tomato sauce, the burrata and PDO cheeses, fresh organic eggs, organic chicken cutlets and a good semi-salted butter. Not to mention the to-do list of PQs, tampons, razor blades and masks for refill!

Another great asset: the babies 'corner, very well stocked with milk and organic baby jars, as well as diapers galore, pacifier and bib'.

Delivery in 10 minutes on average in Paris and the inner suburbs. Info and deliveries on www.goflink.com

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