HAIKU, the most trendy Fall parties

Haiku Les Soirees Les Plus Branchees De Lautomne

Save the date: Saturday 19 October ! This is the party that you must really not miss. Proof : party-girls, good looking dandies, handsome ad types, successful actresses, in short, all the really cool and trendy Parisians come to dance, have fun, flirt.  Just the kind of party we like…

Quite normal, since it’s Adrien Messié, the pace setter of trendy evenings (the great hours of the Cirque du Bonheur, that’s him), and his associate Nadir Sayah, another pillar of electro nights, who are organizing this monthly YOYO party ; clubs don’t get more trendy than here in the lower level of Palais de Tokyo.

The good news: you can buy your tickets ahead of time to meet up with the hip crowd that will show up starting at 11pm, in order to kick up their heels to the wild sound of the bewitching DAVIDE SQUILLACE,  Apollo of Italian turn tables.

We like: sipping a HAIKU, their delicious small house potion (12€) and other drinks (12€).  Finally a club where you don’t have to drink bad orange and vodka screwdrivers.

All the info

Starting at 11pm on Saturday 19 October.

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