klay Saint Sauveur: the perfect tropicool atmosphere

Forget the old cantinas, the new Klay Saint-Sauveur lives up to the challenge, featuring an absolutely marvelous englarged space, conceived by the brilliant Hugo Toto along with Maxime Liautard.

The duo of architects has imagined a furiously stylish tropical enclave worthy of cinema backdrops, that takes you straight to Florida in a very Art Deco Miami Style —you immediately forget the grey Paris doldrums thanks top its fab bar in the middle of a lush space filled with greenery.

A la carte: all the healthy musts one expects with such a Floridan inspiration. Detox juices, superbowls and salads, along with wowie desserts...

To be noted: a super brunch on the week-end.

Open every day.

Elodie Rouge

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