The couture fast-food for twigs

Who said you had to pay top euro to eat well on this side of the golden triangle? Flottes, the institutional brasserie on rue Cambon had invented and concocted a very very couture fast-food for its darling Parisiennes d’amour. So it’s not surprising to run into the inside track fashion crowd and fashion editors between two rendezvous.

On the shelves ? Everything is concocted in the morning depending on the humors and the seasons. For us last week: a goat cheese-ratatouille pie, a risotto with summer truffle, a real pan bagnat, baguette sandwiches, small veggie dishes, cheese-cake and lemon meringue pies.

Tops : just sit down on the leather chairs of this comfortable boudoir and dig in!

Also to be noted the fine grocery counter where you can pick up great items to take home: Kaspia fish soup(11€), caramels with Bordier butter, cinnamon brioches.

We like : it’s open non stop every day. The advantages of McDonald’s without the downside.

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Where to find it?

Flottes and go

2, rue Cambon

75001 Paris

01 42 60 00 84

Concorde Concorde

Concorde Concorde

Concorde Concorde

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