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Are you on the lookout for natural methods to treat the small health issues of daily life? In her notebook of remedies with spices, naturopath Murielle Toussaint shares the keys of a lifestyle that says bye-bye to medication and ultra-chemical combos. To be followed.

Rebellious insomnias

The health issue: difficulties to go to sleep or long-lasting insomnias during the night.

The ultra-simple solution: place a few seeds of green aniseed under your pillow to resolve your sleeping issues instantly.

Recurrent acne

The health issue: small pimples, cysts or imperfections that drive you nuts every morning.

The ultra-simple solution: place cloves and mint leaves in a blender to obtain a dense texture. A perfect anti-acne mask to be left on for 30 min then rinse.

A never-ending head cold

The health issue: sore throat and stuffed nose for a small infection typical of the season.

The ultra-simple solution: mix 5 teaspoons of fennel seeds in a litre of boiling water to be placed in a bowl and inhale with your head covered by a towel.

Menstrual pains

The health issue: tummy aches that bend you in half and that return every month.

The ultra-simple solution: infuse a few saffron pistils in a cup of milk to be chosen vegetal and here is a terribly efficient potion to soothe today’s wonder-woman.

An ongoing mouth sore

The health issue: a painful small ulceration that flourishes after eating nut cakes and pineapple desserts.

The ultra-simple solution: suck on sage leaves offering a very strong effect

A suddent total lack of energy

The health issue: you have the blues, an irritability and lack of energy that require a reboot.

The ultra-simple solution: macerate 350 grams of laurel leaves and berries in 5 litres of cold water. To be filtered and poured in a warm bath.

Constant coughing

The health issue: recurring coughing fits and stuffed bronchial tubes before Winter arrives.

The ultra-simple solution: infuse garlic in boiling water during a few minutes for an efficient syrup with 50 gr of thyme honey. A natural antibiotic to take 3 times a day, which furthermore is absolutely yummy!

Bad breath

The health issue: slightly fetid and persistent bad breath to be eradicated with a “made by you” mixture.

The ultra-simple solution: boil 5 cloves and use as a quick mouthwash once the mixture is at room temperature.

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