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Tisanes Miracles

Gas, cystitis, heavy legs… You dare not discuss the small ailments of your daily life? Naturopath Anne-Claire Méret shares with us her special treatments to cure issues with natural solutions …

Symptom: constipation

The soothing infusion: the mix and match of mallow and senna, natural laxatives.

In practice: At the outset start with express infusions (2-3 min only) since the laxative powers of these herbal teas are very active.

Symptom: cystitis

The prescription infusion : meadowsweet Diuretic and antiseptic, this star flower works favourably against cystitis.

Respect an infusion at 90°C with 30 g of flowers per litre of water, allow to infuse during 1/2 h. Drink 3 cups per day.

Symptom: gas

The soothing infusion: go all out with aniseed, a carminative plant excellence, that encourages the elimination of intestinal gas, responsible for bloating, flatulence, hiccups…

In practice: Boil water, add four or five stars of aniseed per cup and allow to settle for 10 mn. Drink after meals

Symptom: high cholesterol

The soothing infusion: dandelion. This weed is a treasure that looks after the liver, notably by considerably increasing the volume of bile, encouraging the elimination of uric acid and regulating cholesterol.

In practice: Use 1 teaspoon of root cut in small pieces for a cup, boil during 5 mn. Sip a cut before meals twice a day.

Symptom: heavy legs

The soothing infusion: Red vine. The active principles inside the leaves are very active inflammatory antioxidants. Tonic and vasoprotective, they positively influence the permeability of blood vessels, which prevents oedema and bloating.

In practice: Boil the water and immerge a dozen of red vine leaves, allow to infuse for 10 mn. Remove the leaves to stopper the infusion process.

Symptom: difficult digestion

The soothing infusion: peppered mint This strong natural and rebalancing antalgesic happens to be the ideal remedy for bloating or an irritable colon.

In practice: Infuse the fresh mint for 5 min, and during 7 to 10 mn if the plant is fresh.

Symptom: tendinitis

The soothing infusion: black current leaves thanks to their anti-inflammatory and anti degenerative action.

In practice: Infuse 2 teaspoons of dried leaves in a quarter litre of water for 10 mn. Drink 2 cups before meals, during a 20-day cure.

Good herbalists in Paris

Herboristerie du Palais Royal : 11 Rue des Petits Champs, 75001 Paris - 01 42 97 54 68

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Herboristerie de la Place de Clichy : 87 Rue d'Amsterdam, 75008 Paris - 01 48 74 83 32

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