Save the date : a funny girls’ dinner signed Le Fooding

Save The Date Un Drole De Diner De Filles Signe Le Fooding

Le Clan des Madones, what’s it all about? The code name du of the next event by Le Fooding, the food collective we cherish with their super-events.

For this new culinary edition, the 13  favorite skirt wearing chefs of the Fooding such as Alix Lacloche, will be concocting a wild gourmet event in a secret Paris location on Friday 15,  Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 November 2013.

To make your mouth water: here is the planned menu for Friday night.  Happy hour with mozzarella, vanilla, green pepper from Madagascar by Camille Fourmont (La Buvette, Paris 11), then raw beets, house ricotta, preserved citron lemon by Alix Lacloche (chef at home, Paris). Main course: semi-cooked tuna, creamy polenta, snipped Bruxelles sprouts and citrus virgin by Alice Di Cagno (Chatomat, Paris 20) and a ganache of chocolate, dried prunes dipped in coffee café, sourdough break, butterscotch, Maldon salt by Alice Quillet & Anna Trattles (Le Bal Café, Paris 18 et Ten Belles, Paris 10). Wines from the Breton domain. A festive feast for sure !

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