The real Belgian fry at De Clercq

La Vraie Frite Belge Chez De Clercq

Auto-proclaimed « King of Fries», De Clercq displays his true colors: that is to say those of the Belgian flag. Because this small shack recalling typical fry stalls, produces really fresh and traditional fries from the flat lands. And at lunchtime this authentic junk food spot is taken by storm.

These delicious golden sticks are prepared with potatoes, lovingly hand-peeled by a nice kid from the North and served in a paper cone, old-fashioned style, we’re telling you. The secret? Old-school Granny cooking with potatoes dipped in beef oil twice.

Now all you need to do is dip this total no-non in the house sauces, totally addictive: tartare, American or samouraï (mayo, ketchup, harissa).

We also like: their super delicious home burgers (kudos to the Paris-Lille pure  beef steak + maroilles AOP cheese + onions + salad and fresh tomatoes+ special sauce), but also the real waffle from Liège.

Small cones of fries 2,60 €. Maxi cone at 4,60 €. Burger-fries-drink menu starting at 7,50 €

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