The slim juice cure to loose 3kg in 5 day

C'juice cure juices

Yet another cure of freshly squeezed green juice that looks like rabbit food? Certainly not !

While hardcore cleansing methods make you bloat and are discouraging, the slimming cure put together by au C’Juice, the juice bar of Claire Courtin (heiress of the Clarins empire) should do the trick. No kidding.

Explanations: a cure of 5 really good juices (500 kcal) that alternate between detox and comforting potions. What makes the difference? You are allowed to have a real lunch (finally a diet that allows you to go out for lunch). On the menu: a mixed salad with cooked veggies and proteins (egg, fish, lean meat, tofu...) + a fruit for dessert.

Result? With less than 1000 kcal per day, you quickly melt, starting with that little tummy, without feeling famished. In 5 days: your waist is back to normal and you loose 2-3 kilos immediately.

Way to go. Start the day with a shot of wheat, that cleanses, purifies and debloats your digestive tube…  At breakfast: the famous Claire’s Breakfast, a yummy smoothie made with almond milk, banana, blueberry, oat bran and black sesame. At 10am and 4pm: a super detox slim-boost made with lemon + apple and birch juice or the smart association of draining and diuretic ingredients for instant detoxing.

In the evening: sip a delicious and comfy protein milk (almond milk, pineapple, banana, spinach, linen seed, moringa) really yummy in front of your fave series, to be completed with a divine herbal tea.

C’Juice slimming cure, 38,50€ per day

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21, rue du Dragon

75006 Paris

01 43 46 96 67

Mabillon Mabillon

Saint-germain Des Pres Saint-germain Des Pres

Saint-sulpice Saint-sulpice

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