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Bonnes Adresses Italiennes A Paris

63 years ago, Aurélie Carron's grand-father, Bartolo, opened the very first Parisian pizzeria.

This lovely blond took over the family business and continues to serve marvelous dishes using recipes from Naples in Saint Germain-des-Prés. She accepted to spill some valuable secrets for anyone willing to have a slice of Italy in Paris

beauty products of catherine de médicis and monica bellucci

fragrance bottles Santa maria Novella

Picture credit : © Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella : this house of beauty products was founded in 1612.

At the outset, it was a pharmacy, founded by the Dominicans of Florence. In Paris, it’s distributed by designer Ami Kader in his boutiques on rue de la Paix (2nd) and rue Guisarde (6th).

They have a nice line of perfumed candles, fragrances as well as skin and body treatments

And for the people story! After Marie de Médicis, it’s Monica Bellucci who uses their products…

the must of the italian culture in Paris

Garden and buyilding of Cultural Italian institute of Paris

Picture credit : © Institut Culturel Italien de Paris

To learn how to speak Italian properly, borrow books from the library, go to film projections, take art or photo courses …

In short total immersion in Italian culture!

The must ? The Gio Ponti exhibition, featuring the works of the famous designer from 17 January to 15 February.

All the info here

the greatest italian gelato

Hand-made italian ice cream Pozzetto

Picture credit : © Pozzetto

A boutique of home-made old-fashioned Italian ice creams, rue du Roi de Sicile in the Marais. This is where Chez Bartolo gets the ones they serve.

These ice creams are to be eaten without moderation right there or to go.

The must ? Flavors in keeping with the seasons (citrus fruit in winter for example).

Ultra-addictive: the «Gianduia» ( an amazing chocolate-nut flavor like a deluxe Nutella with nuts from the Piedmont region), or the «Pistacchio», 100% Sicilian pistachios.

the mythical ties by Marinella

Set of ties Marinella

Picture credit : © Marinella

Marinella, is an ancestral Napolitan house that manufactures great looking handwoven ties. The fetish “brand” of the world’s leading presidents. The good news, is that we can now find these ties in Paris ! A Marinella corner has just opened at the Georges V... Shush ! This is really the hard-to-find present to give your lover.

Simple tie : 140 €

9 pleat tie : 195€

the most authentic napolitan pizzeria

Terrace of the Italian restaurant Chez Bartolo

Picture credit : © Bartolo

Chez Bartolo is probably one the most famous pizza place in Paris. Situated at the heart of the VIe arrondissement, chez Bartolo was founded in 1950 by Bartolo Memola, an Italian cook, freshly arrived in Paris. To cook these marvelous pizzas, this cuisine perfectionist imported a real wooden oven from his native Italian region, Campania.

Today, his grand-daughter Aurélie picked up the gauntlet and left the decor just the way it was, hung a portrait of her grand-father on the wall, and barely touched the menu composition.

And that’s a good thing, because they still serve the best pizzas in Paris, French endives with gorgonzola, delicious pasta and an incredible tiramisu.

We like: one of the trendiest addresses in Saint-Germain, with lots of VIPs and the golden youth of the area.


Tues-Fri: noon to 2.30pm - 7pm to 11pm

Sat: non to 3pm - 7pm to 11pm

Picture credit: Facebook Page chez Bartolo

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