A great chef dinner for 15€

Une Dinette De Grands Chefs 2

« That will be 15€ my little lady ». When leading chefs take over a café for a very low-priced meal, Parisiennes are delighted!

On 14 July, Le Fooding is awakening the bistro sprit.

The idea? A series of leading chefs is taking over the divine terrace of a darling new little café (Edgar). Behind the ovens, some high flying chefs: Katsuaki Okiyama, the chef at Abri, Tiernan, the talented chef of a gourmet pub in London and Xavier Thiery, a whiz kid chef.

The real Paris ! Menu of the day? “Ricard hot râpé” + Lebanese tabouleh libanais + mouttabal & grilled pitta with sumac + raw beef and cake of fried potato + hake fish, lettuce, tomato + herring potatoes with oil + rice pudding.

Hurry up: reservations open on Monday 24 starting at 10am on www.lefooding.com

When? On 14 July. Services at 1pm, 5pm, 9pm. All the info on www.lefooding.com

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