231 East Street, a burger just like in New York

231 East Street

Rather than queue up in front of Burger King for an industrial burger, go check out 231 East Street. It’s the new flagship, freshly set up right near gare Saint-Lazare serving quality burgers with a pop art decor inspired by burger maestro: Roy Lichtenstein.

Serious business, that has already proven itself in Strasbourg and other cities of the provinces. Here, the cult US sandwich is really « gourmet ». That is to say made with good meats that are nestled between two slices of a thick and soft bun.

The choice features four rather classical burgers (hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon burger and bacon cheese starting at 7,50 €), but the real luxury is you can choose how your steak is cooked and to select your favorite toppings (sauces and sides). Those who dislike salad, have onion phobia or on the contrary are pickle fans, will appreciate.

Sides also play the customization game. Depending on your diet, you can choose between a light green salad or fresh fries with as option a layer of melted cheddar!

To push the US style right up to the dessert with cheesecakes (cream of whiskey, black current, chocolate with pecan nut), a caramel apple pie, cookies, donuts… and Ben&Jerry’s ice cream.

We adore: for the anecdote, it’s at 231 East Street in New York that Andy Warhol set up his famous “Factory”, hence the trendy arty look.

Menu burger + fries + drink, 12 € et 14 € with dessert.

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Where to find it?

231 East Street

2, rue de la Pépinière

75008 Paris

01 44 70 01 08


Saint-lazare Saint-lazare

Saint-lazare Saint-lazare

Saint-lazare Saint-lazare

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