Blueberry, a very rock maki cantina

Blueberry, dining room

If the Do It Team had wanted to launch its ideal restaurant, this is the one it would have wanted to create: a really hip Japanese cocktails bar. A must with the gals after going to the movies at Odéon of for a quick light lunch.

Just imagine a very poetic decor in the style of « In the Mood for Love » made in Paris, very contemporary with lovely colorful lanterns twisted with a Saint-Germain-des Prés touch.

The two owners, a duo of artsy sisters (and so nice !) went out looking for a chopstick pro, Monsieur Lu, who worked in the leading Japanese restaurants, in order to create a terrific nippon-rock menu !

Plates of makis blueberry

Because here, makis are the stars with catchy names. « The Great Gatsby », bass, truffle, yellow radish, concumber and flying fish eggs. Fabulous, also: the « Smokey » with smoked mozzarella, cucumber, Teriyaki soya tempura sauce.

Makis unagi by Blueberry

Our top favorite? The Unagiiii with grilled eel, tempura of shrimp, avocado cucumber.

We also like: the Geisha on the rue du Sabot : crispy rice pancakes, tuna, truffle and chives.

Try : the Japanese Spritz with yuzu.

Closed Sunday and Monday from noon to 2.30pm and 7.30 pm to 11pm.


Picture credit : Blueberry

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