Bonjour Bichat: Paris's Coolest Food Market

The Bonjour Bichat street food food court

This isn't just any restaurant. Located near the bustling Canal Saint-Martin in the heart of Paris's lively 10th arrondissement, Bonjour Bichat offers the trendiest food market in the city, attracting a swarm of hip startup folks to its coworking space. It's a hybrid venue with high #aesthetic potential, featuring four gourmet kiosks, including one operated by a Michelin-starred chef you might know! We visited (and tried everything).



Hungry entrepreneurs are in the air! Whether it's clients coming down from the coworking space or trendy Parisians from the East Side working remotely, Bonjour Bichat pulls off the impressive feat of creating a space that's both relaxed and sophisticated. It’s like a pocket-sized Station F, where networking is the norm between snack breaks.

coworking bonjour Bichat

On the left side of this 60s-inspired setting, a girl boss sips a pink latte (€5.80) while tapping on her laptop. On the right, groups of hardworking friends soak in the bustling atmosphere where lunch has the vibe of a casual coffee break. Debriefs and digital business cards are never far away! After the lunchtime rush, those escaping from endless Google Meets grab a well-deserved flat white or cappuccino (€5.50).



It’s rare (if ever) to find such high-quality dishes in places like this. In this 2.0 food market, just scan a QR code at the entrance, find your seat, and order from your phone. Your food will be brought to your table. All that's left is to choose according to your cravings of the day...

Our food crushes? The crispy chicken and melted cheddar burger from Crrspy (€14.90), the Djolof bento from Savane & Mousson with its to-die-for fried plantains (€15.90), the mushroom arancini (€7), and the vegetable accras (€7) from Farmers. Not to be missed: the spicy pork asparagus with preserved lemon yogurt (€9), and the mind-blowing croq' bourguignon with comté cheese and kimchi (€14) from Héritages, the latest gourmet challenge from Michelin-starred chef Victor Mercier. Success on every level!


Food Market Hours

Open Monday to Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Open all day on Sundays. Drinks available every day.

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