Kozak, the totally pop ice cream store

Ice cream cones flavors Sorbets melon, peach, raspberry, passion, pink grapefruit with cherries

A crowd in front of a flashy pink store in Montmartre? It’s Kosak for sure. Ice cream bar in the summer, dealer of high-end chocolates and kawaii candy the rest of the year.

Right now, they are offering 18 ice cream flavors in the window display that is creating a buzz. Sorbets and ice creams, made in the old fashioned way by an authentic ice cream maker. Rare enough to be mentioned.

What’s the result? Summer sherbet flavors such as melon, peach, raspberry, passion fruit, pink grapefruit, our favorite. In terms of ice cream, the rocher chocolate chunk holds all its promises, to be mixed with a cookie or Bourbon vanilla scoop. Pure gourmet delights.

And why not indulge with an added chantilly yuzu or fève tonka depending on what Nathalie and Catherine have put together that day.

We adore: the crispy mini waffle spiked in the ice cream.

Open every day from 1pm to 11pm in the Summer.

Starting at 3,60€, small pot or cone.

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Where to find it?


106 rue Caulaincourt

75018 Paris

09 80 73 35 60


Lamarck-caulaincourt Lamarck-caulaincourt

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