Moby Dick, the fish shop of Depardieu

Moby Dick La Poissonnerie De Depardieu

Non content with owning a restaurant on the same street (Le Bien-Décidé), a Japanese grocery shop and until recently a private mansion, the sulfurous Frenchy actors also own a fish shop on rue du Cherche Midi. Its name? Moby Dick

Under the XXL awning, a small boutique with an amazing counter that features an integrated fish tank looking out onto the street. There you see spiny lobsters (112€/kg) or Brittany lobsters (58€/kg) roaming about.

For the rest, daily deliveries are ensured by small boats which explain the exacting selection of upscale fish.

Tuesday to Thursday from 8h30am to 7h30pm

on Friday from 8h30am to 1pm and from 3h45 pm to 5h30pm

Saturday from 8h30am to 13h30pm and from 3h30 pm to 7pm

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Where to find it?

Moby Dick

50, rue du Cherche Midi

75006 Paris

01 42 22 46 65

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